Aug 2017

Safna’s mother divorced her husband in the beginning of 2016. She left with her daughter to her sister who lives in our village. This family story is a tough one. Safna’s mother is from a family with 3 girls, which is not easy in India. When the girls were very young their parents died, so Safna’s aunt had to take care of her 2 little sisters. She spend all her money and the house to support her sisters.

Safna’s mother married a man who turned out to be violent. Because she was not sure about her and Safna’s life, she went back to live with her older sister. And that sister begged us to help them so that at least Safna would have a better life.

Safna is 7 years old and will study English medium as of 2017. During this school year (2016) she has to stay in her “old” school due to economical profits from school. We tried to fight the case but we lost. But at least as of next year she will study English medium.

For this school year we provided schoolbooks, the fee, the uniform and all she needs to get the best from this study year.