Aug 2017

During his first visit to the Netherlands in 2014 Aneesh Jan immediately thought of this girl when he saw that all children in the Netherlands receive a good education and all children go to school!


Aneesh started to make and sell bracelets with the intent to get Sangheeta to school. He inspired many people in the Netherlands and sold many bracelets.

As a result Sangheeta could go to a good school, in a real uniform and with her own textbooks and a school bag!

Sangheeta turned 7 in December and now goes to school in a rickshaw, so she and her mother do not have to walk to school two hours a day. This also enables her mother to work. Her mother now has several jobs and can provide meals for her family.

Another reason Aneesh thought of Sangheeta was that Sangheeta’s mother has chosen for her divorce. This is not common in India, but she could not live with her husband anymore, and saw no other option than to leave him to provide her two daughters with secure future. She knew she ran the risk of being no longer accepted by the community, but made this choice for her children. Women who make these choices have a bad reputation in India, and their children usually have a bad future.