Medical assistance to children

Manna Home employs a full time Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Aiswarya (BAMS), for free consultations. For now these consultation take place at people’s homes, but as soon as the Oma Jo cottage is ready the doctor will receive patients there.

Furthermore there are two disabled girls who receive ayurvedic treatment.

Miriam and Yaan visited the girls for the first time in December 2016
Dr. Aiswarya and the two disabled girls
Dr. Aiswarya giving treatment to one of the girls.

Meet the girls who attend school with the help of Manna Home


Lakshmi is a 7 year old girl from a city nearby our village. Her mother has health problems and was not able to take care of her girl anymore. Manna Home was her last hope. Without help Lakshmi has to leave the house and her family. Manna Home is supporting her with all her school […]


Safna’s mother divorced her husband in the beginning of 2016. She left with her daughter to her sister who lives in our village. This family story is a tough one. Safna’s mother is from a family with 3 girls, which is not easy in India. When the girls were very young their parents died, so […]


Sandra is Sangheeta’s older sister. She already receives some financial support from her grandparents. Her father left his body 10 years ago. Sandra is 14 years old and Manna Home is supporting her since 2014 with study material, books and a uniform. Her grandparents can still pay for school fee. In the future we will […]


During his first visit to the Netherlands in 2014 Aneesh Jan immediately thought of this girl when he saw that all children in the Netherlands receive a good education and all children go to school!   Aneesh started to make and sell bracelets with the intent to get Sangheeta to school. He inspired many people […]