(English) Manna Home is looking for volunteers

ago 2017

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The Manna Home team is always in need for help and specifically looking for video editors, translators/copywriters and people with knowledge of WordPress and/or Google Drive:

Video editors

We sometimes need simple but efficient and appealing video’s (of max. 5 minutes). These video’s are not complicated and consist of still images mixed with video, and audio layers (voice off) on these images. You get to choose your own software, for us it’s the result that counts.

Please contact Marco at vrielance@gmail.com.


Translators and copywriters

Translators and copywriters are welcome to apply for (voluntary, and sometimes paid) work for:

  • The localization of our website 
  • The creation and translation of blog posts and e-mail communication
  • subtitling

Apart from English, French, and Dutch, we especially need support for German, Hindi, and Spanish.

Please contact Marco at vrielance@gmail.com if you’re interested in participating.


People with knowledge of WordPress and or Google Drive

Needed for creating and maintaining the Manna Home website. You don’t have to be an expert…, WordPress and Google Drive are not that complicated…

That isn’t to say that experts are welcome 🙂

Please contact Marco at vrielance@gmail.com.



Travelers for example, who would like to help in the

  • garden
  • kitchen
  • reception

Please contact us at info@manna-home.com