(English) Manna Home received a donation of € 10.000!

ago 2017

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The Dutch foundation “Stichting Het Burger en Nieuwe Weeshuis” has donated € 10.000 to Manna Home!



Thanks to this wonderful donation we will not only be able to finish the renovation of the building: the kitchen, treatment rooms, bedrooms and the common space, it will also help to fulfil the many requests we have received from women and children for help in educational, health and hygienic support.

Although we (Aneesh and Miriam) are volunteering in this project in order to help as much as possible people, we need to buy medicines (herbs, oils), hire doctors, therapists and build new spaces to meet the amount of requests we received.

So there are not enough words to express our gratitude to Stichting Het Burger en Nieuwe Weeshuis!


The Manna Home team