Manna Home Request

Nov 2019

The Manna Home Kerala Foundation needs plenty of medicines and doctors for the year 2020 and for that we need HELP.

Our guarantee: every euro raised will be donated to the Manna Home Foundation. (no directors etc… pure help for children)

Everybody can join in! Feel free to offer something in your own network and you can transfer the proceeds directly to the account of Manna Home.
Students of Ayurdaay have already devised actions such as a book market, offering treatments / consultations / yoga classes, another student makes a beautiful handmade canvas with Ganesha in colors to your liking. But also things like handing in empty bottles, baking and selling cookies is all great.

Very cool when children also help with it!

Do you want to help? WELCOME! Bring in your idea…and feel free.
Iban: NL88RABO0306267144 Foundation Manna Home Kerala